Supporting Nepal’s DIY skate scene with Gaurab Thakali

Photo - Tom Delion

Gaurab Thakali is a London based Illustrator and skater who grew up in Nepal. When he was 16, Gaurab moved to London, he discovered skateboarding and illustration, which have grown to become the roots of his career as an artist.

He wanted to bring everything he’s learn to love in London, back to kids in Nepal who were starting to build their own skate scene in Pokhara. 

Gaurab found that the main thing holding back Pookhara’s skate scene, was the lack of access to affordable, good quality hardwear. Together, we created a limited run of boards, tees and screenprints, designed by Gaurab himself.

These were sold at our pop-up shop in London, which allowed Gaurab to host a skate competition in Pokhara, and donate a batch fresh GOMA boards their crew. 

To follow Gaurab’s continued work with Nepal’s skate community, visit the Skate Nepal Instagram.

Photo - Dashti Jahfar